A Drop in the Ocean

More Fried Dumplings for ya~ 

Breakfast is ready ~

2014, the year of the HORSE ~

马到成功 - Speedy Success.

All about Hot Hot Hot ~ (麻辣烫)

All about Laba Porridge - Rice porridge with nuts and dried fruit eaten on the 8th day of the 12th Lunar month, which is today ~(腊八粥)

I had one of these for my dinner tonight, I got glutinous rice, barley, red beans, kidney beans, lily, lotus seeds, white fungus, Chinese red dates, Chinese wolfberry and peanuts in mine. 

All about Noodles with Egg ~(鸡蛋面)

All about the Skin of Tofu Dishes ~(豆皮菜品)

All about Griddled Bullfrog ~(干锅牛蛙)

All about Stir Fried Shredded Pork with Green Pepper ~ (青椒肉丝)

Fancy a cup of chrysanthemum tea?

Chinese Ink and Wash Painting by Beihong Xu (徐悲鸿水墨画)

All about Pan Fried Fish ~(香煎鱼)

All about Spicy Beef Jerky ~(香辣牛肉干)

Happy 2014~

The year of the HORSE~

2014, please be nice to me~


Seriously, nobody gives a damn about your resolution.

I won’t write any.

Cherrio 2013 ~